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Product Description

Dimensions110 Inches(L) x 125 Inches(W) x 93 Inches(H)
Frame StructuresCombination Of High Tensile Strength Steel,Continuous Welded,Factory Assembled Weight Frame
Name Of TubeOval Tubing
Tube Size100 mm X 50 mm
Tube Gauge2.25 mm
Weight Stack150 X 4 = 600 Lbs
Weight Stack CoverMetalic
Weight Plate4 Weight Stacks With Rubberized Weight Plate
Weight Guide Rods25 MM Chrome Plated Steel, Highly Polished For Smooth Movements
Weight Selector Pin10 MM Steel Pin
AdjustmentsAdjustable Of Seats, Back Rests And Pads Are Meets All User Requirements. Pull Pins Most Adjustment Secured With Semi-Commercial Grade Spring Loaded Pull-Pins
Cable5.0 MM Dia.,Semi-Commercial Grade, Nylon Coated Cables
PulleyMaintenance Free, Fiber Glass Reinforced Nylon Pulleys Fitted With Premium Grade-A Quality Roller Bearings
GripsHigh Density Foam Rubber Hand Grips
Cushioning02u201d Inch High Density Top Grade Resilient Foam
FinishingProprietary Two Coat Powder Process
Rust ProofAll Frame Structures Electro Statically Powder Coated To Ensure Maximum Corrosion And Chip Resistance
ExercisesLat Pull Down. Vertical Chest Press. Ab Crunch. Leg Extension. Standing Biceps. Low Row. Butterfly. Chinups. Parallel Bar. Leg Raise. Leg Press. Twister. Triceps. Calf Raise. Side Leg Kick.Standing Leg Curl.Bend Row. Upright Row. Back Leg Kick

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